Leave a Legacy



We are a family-focused organisation, so we believe that loved ones come first in life – and after it.  Making a will safeguards families but it also provides an opportunity to leave a mark on the world, to leave something really wonderful behind when you die.

Including a gift to ChildVision in your will makes a lasting impact on the life of a blind or visually impaired child.  It could help to fund an education that will change the way a child grows up and interacts with the world around them.  Gifts in wills make BIG things happen and touch the heart of a child’s experience.

Our children have to learn to face down their scary dragons; learning how to stroke a furry animal, how to be with other people, learning what a plant smells like, experiencing light and sounds. All these encounters with the world build their inner strength and confidence and allow them to make the most of their potential as they grow to adulthood. It just takes time and love.

A gift to ChildVision in your will lives on in the lives of children not yet born. It guarantees that the ChildVision experience will be there to help them grow up in an increasingly scary, busy, loud and cluttered world.

We would be delighted to show the difference a gift in your will can make to the children of ChildVision. Please call Ruth on 01 837 3635 to arrange a visit, or you can email us with any queries at fundraising@childvision.ie.

Click here for our downloadable Legacy Brochure