Downloads for Parents

Here are some helpful handouts for parents to read from our Therapy Team.

Equine Therapy Unit
Newsletter No 5

Creative & Mindful
Therapeutic Activities
for Children

at ChildVision

How to act as a
Sighted Guide

Occupational Therapy
Sensory Bins
Activity Resources

Equine Therapy Unit
Newsletter May 2020

Sensory Nursery Rhymes For Children with Visual Impairment
Play Skills
Supporting Early Communication Skills

‘Up & About’

Basic O&M Skills for Young Children

Echolalia: Supporting Communication
Tips for
Team Members
O&M Tips for Parents

Some ideas to help your child practice O&M skills.

Language Skills
‘Tummy Time’
for your baby
Toileting Tips & Visual Impairments


Equine Therapy
Therapies & Nursing