Early Intervention



Any diagnosis given to young parents about their child can be devastating and daunting, leaving mums and dads feeling lost and helpless.

That’s why at ChildVision we offer baby and parent classes aimed at helping parents understand how to help their child and develop what sight their child does have.

Our highly experienced teaching staff, therapists and nurses will guide you through a programme of exercises you can do at home with your baby. Our environment is warm and friendly and all about children, the complete opposite to the clinical atmosphere of hospital waiting rooms. We are here for you and look forward to helping you and your child.

A boy looks at bright lights.
A preschooler smiles while playing with toys.
A preschooler laughs while playing with a light toy.

Learn more about our early intervention programmes

To learn more about the early intervention programmes at ChildVision, please contact audreyfarrelly@childvision.ie or give her a call on 01 837 3635.