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At ChildVision we work everyday to help each child live their lives with independence and happiness.

We teach, we care for and we share the hopes and dreams of each family that their child will reach their full potential. We do this through special therapeutic interventions. Our wonderful Speech and Language, Occupational, Physio, Music and Equine therapists work alongside our nurses to enable each and every child to come to school, no matter how impossible that may seem. The team conduct our assessments for every child so before your little one or your big teenager starts their first day with us, we will already know so much about them, their individual needs and how best to chart their journey.
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Equine Assisted Occupational Therapy

The Equine Assisted Therapy provision at ChildVision provides one to one sessions for suitable students attending our education programmes. We also run ‘Horse Sense’, a program for children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders run in the Equine Centre in ChildVision.

Using Equine Assisted Therapy, we have developed a program where children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders can benefit from caring for, being with, and engaging in specific therapy based activities with the horses. Equine Assisted Therapy involves the use of horses, and equine related activities to achieve therapeutic goals which will enhance physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioural and educational skills for people with disabilities.

The course runs during school terms and involves one hour a week. The children meet in the stables and the structured routine that they follow is:

Sensory preparation – the children carry out ‘heavy work’ in the yard, helping to prepare the horses for the session. They carry water and push wheelbarrows during this time

Horse riding – the children mount in the arena and then go on a trek to the magical tree and the sensory trail. The children engage in specific therapeutic activities during this section whilst on horseback

Grooming – on return to the stables the children engage in grooming with the horses. Individual goals for the children can be incorporated into this routine. There are up to 4 children in any group.

For further information or to reserve a place on this course please contact Terri on 018373635 or email her on

Equine Therapy at ChildVision

Click here to download a copy of the Childvision Equine Therapy Brochure 

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