Cork Preschool



We also have a preschool in Cork, on the grounds of Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. Our preschool and parent & toddler group are open to children with all abilities.

Our vision support service helps you to understand your child’s vision and how to encourage them at home with games, toys and interactive exercises. The toddlers in our Parent and Toddler group are accompanied by mums & dads, grandparents and childminders and we welcome ‘toddlers in training’ from newborn right up to 3 years of age. We also provide an advisory service for social workers, teachers,  SNAs, or anybody who is caring for a visually impaired child.

If you would like to attend, whether your child has a vision impairment or not, please call or text Anita on 087 053 0455 or 021 481 0896 or email