Michael's Creative Writing

Michael’s Creative Writing

Michael Hayes is a past student of ChildVision and enjoys writing stories. He’d like to share them with you – enjoy!

Desperate Housemates

30/03/2016 – Written and edited by Michael Hayes

Colette was chatting with Evey her housemate one evening over a glass of wine and a Chinese take-away, all of a sudden Collette said “Evey I’d like to let you know there is two boys from Tullamore moving in here next weak, they are studying in NUIG, Why are you telling me, so you will be prepared”Colette said.  Evey asked Colette what sort of lads they were, Colette told her the landlord said they were respectable.  She was happy with this as she loved living in this house in she didn’t want to move now, Colette topped up Eveys wine glass and her own.

She then put on “the best of the Saw Doctors”.  As she was from Tuam she loved the Saw doctors and met them loads of times, Evey was a Roscommon girl but loved the Docks as much as Colette.  After a while Collette said I’m sad these boys are split up, me too although I must say I still love listening to them”Evey said.  Evey headed off to bed as she had to be in Roscommon the next morning early to pick up Oisin her brother who was coming down to her for a few days, As Evey was heading out the door the next morning she grabbed the C.D of The Stunning that Collette had given her for Christmas.  She put it on once she was in the car heading down the N 63, As soon as she had Oisin collected they headed back to Galway chatting about almost every thing
After a while Oisin asked “are you still living in Ballymoneen West?I sure am, I love it there”Evey said.  When they were back in Galway they headed for Salthill where they went on the wrides and so on, after a while Collette rang Evey to tell her that the boys from Tullamore were on root.  They had decided to come early as they wanted to get settled in to the house, Evey was infuriated by this as she had promised Oisin she’d invite him down for ages and ages.  When she broke the news to him he said “Evey that’s no bother so long as I can come again, of course you can just these boys have me in bad form now”. 
Evey dropped Oisin back in Roscommon, on her way back to Galway she rang Colette who was at the house.  She said “Colette this is some pain, I know evey the house isn’t cleaned yet and the boys are in Loughrea, don’t you wurry I’ll help you when I get back should be there in an hour”.  Back in the house Colette started on the cleaning, she was infuriated just like Evey.  After a while the doorbell rang, it was the two boys.  They were dressed in blue shirts and black geans and they were smoking black devel cigars, Colette didn’t like the look of them at all even though the landlord did say they were respectable. 
She asked them what there names were, the biggest of the two boys said “I’m Eugeen and my friend here is called Tobias, I’m Colette and my housemate Evey is on the way from Roscommon”Colette said.  Before Eugeen and Tobias came in Colette told them to finish their cigars, they gave her a dirty look. As soon as Colette had shown Tobias and Eugeen around she headed off down stairs to prep her dinner, after a few minutes Evey let her self in the front door. 
Colette said “Hey Evey you are back, sure am how are them boys, don’t like them at all and going to stay clear they smoke, I had to tell them to finish their cigars before coming in, Yock”Evey said.  After a while Tobias and Eugeen appeared and Evey introduced her self, “Colette has told me a lot about ye, ya we are  studying arts in NUIG”Eugeen said.  When Colette and Evey were finished their dinner Evey went to visit a friend of hers over in Salthill and Colette went up to Tuam to visit her parents, her dad had bought a new Cottige and she wanted to see it. 
 Back in the house Eugeen and Tobias were going through the girls personal stuf like their C.d’s, the trophy Colette had wun for handball and so on, Eugeen said “I’d like to nick abit of this stuf, me too although we should wait until Ned, Lloyde and Duffy come up for the house party on Friday night these girls won’t know what hit them then, we’ll reck the place”.  They went to watch the T.V laughing their heads off, when the girls came back Eugeen asked “are ye going home next week end?yes we are, infact me and Colette are heading out to Maam cross, we are camping there for the weak end”Evey said.
As Colette and Evey were tidying their rooms Colette said “Hey Evey I’m not sure I’m happy with Tobias and Eugeen, it sounded strange them asking are we going home for the week end, I know but mayby they were only making conversation”Evey said.  Evey was wrong, as soon as her and Colette had left for Maam cross Duffy, Lloyd and Ned turned up.  Eugeen opened the door, he said “well lads, I see you brought the boos, Tobias is inside getting the tunes going”.  The boys got them selves comfortable, they had Colettes Saw Doctors cd’s on full volume. 
After a while Eugeen said “boys I’ll get us some food, with that he went out to the kitchen and helped him self to rolls, muphins, Carrotsticks.  He also took Colettes big box of chocolates, when he came back they all tucked in.  A few hours later they were so drunk they trashed the whole place by knocking pictures off the wall, throeing books off their shelves and smashing Colettes handball trophy, after all the dammage was done they crashed out on the couch.  They didn’t bother bringing the beer bottles to the bin, they were scattered on the floor spilling the remainder of their contents onto the brand new carpet.  


They fell fast asleep, what they didn’t know was Colette and Evey had decided to come back early the next morning as they weren’t too happy with Eugeen and Tobias in the house by them selves.  When Evey and Colette walked into the sitting room the next morning they discovered the boys in their drunken state, they were infuriated.  Colette said “what on earth are ye playing at, look at the mess ye have just made”.  The boys didn’t know what to say they just looked at Evey and Colette as if they had 10 heads on them, Colette said they’d better clear up the mess or else they’d phone the landlord. 
They ignored her and just ran out the front door, Colette and Evey were very upset to see their place ruined.  While Colette was tidying up as best as she could Evey went to ring the landlord to ask her to come round as quick as she could, when she came and saw the damage she told the girls not to wurry about itt and she would track Eugeen and Tobias down and make them pay.  They thanked her, she headed off after reassuring the girls that it would all be sorted. 
Low and behold the whole sitting room was back to it’s self in a couple of weeks, the only thing that couldn’t be replaced was Colettes handball trophy. Colette didn’t mind, the guards bard Eugeen and Tobias from the house.  Evey made it up to Oisin by bringing him down for a whole zweek, he was delighted.  The end

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