Róisín’s fighting spirit might never have been fully discovered if not for your generosity…

Róisín, the fighter

As little as three years back, Ireland still had the highest rate of invasive meningitis in Europe. Yet statistics aside no family is prepared for the words Róisín’s were to hear just nine days after their baby was born. Meningitis, Group B Strep. “They told us that her MRI was ‘devastating.’ That Róisín would be completely blind. Never walk. Never talk. Never swallow. Then they told us they were taking her off the ventilator that was keeping her alive.” But Róisín took a breath. And another. And another.

Mountains and milestones

Step by step, mountains became milestones. The day Róisín started feeding on her own. The day her parents, Lauren and Thomas, found ChildVision after weeks of panic and doubt. The fear, even then, in coming to campus. “When I saw the equipment lined up outside the preschool and how medically fragile the children were, to be honest, I was scared. But we were welcomed straight away and Róisín is just so happy coming in and out.”

Because of your support Róisín’s fighting spirit now has a place to soar, free of the stigma that too often still surrounds disability.

And as mum Lauren shares two recent milestones they were told Róisín would never see, her eyes sparkle. “It happened just weeks ago – just before Róisín’s second birthday – when she sat up in her cot for the very first time. Then, at five o’clock in the morning, there was singing. She’s such a little fighter.”

Róisín and her friend Caoimhe in Preschool
Róisín listens carefully
Róisín and her Mum, Lauren

Help Róisín

Please give what you can to help Róisín and more children like her at ChildVision.